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Explore Great Attractions & Things to Do in Lincoln City, OR

With beaches, beautiful surroundings and wildlife, Lincoln City offers a wide range of activities for nature lovers, including whale/bird watching, biking, hiking, fishing and more. We also feature rare blown glass floats nestled along the beaches — the perfect souvenir!

Dining, Shopping, & More

Lincoln City is full of fun, sun, food, and so much more. When you our city you're in for more than just exquisite beach views. Our city boasts events, recreation, activities, and a variety of dining options. Spend the day shopping and visiting our local tourist attractions, and then wind down with food and drinks at our nearby favorite eateries. Once you're done, head back to your room and take in the views of a beautiful sunset from your balcony. 


Finders Keepers

If you're one to scour the beach hunting for treasures, we have something fun for you! Lincoln City, Oregon hosts the annual "Finders Keepers" glass floats finding festival every year.

Started in 1999, Finders Keepers has become a city tradition with locals and tourists alike joining the fun and going on their own treasure hunts. These amazing glass floats are hand blown and designed. No two floats are the same and each come with a certificate of authenticity. Come for the views, leave with buried treasure.